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People are spending more time at home than ever before, cooking on grills, sitting out on their patios, and generally enjoying all that the outside world has to offer from the comfort of their own home. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, this trend is only solidifying, as people are less accustomed to going out and are instead choosing to go “out” from home.

Because of the prevalence of this trend, many people all over the country are investing in luxury outdoor living spaces. Outdoor kitchens, nicer patios, and upgraded comfort are all being bought and increasingly accelerating rates as people imagine the luxury of restaurants and other public spaces in their own home.

Cooking Outdoors

There are several types of luxury outdoor spaces being created today by homeowners all over the country. Furniture and practical goods are being bought to make the outdoors feel more like the indoors. Many of these luxury outdoor spaces include some sort of independent or satellite kitchen.

Independent kitchens contain enough appliances and prep space to function as a remote and disconnected kitchen from the rest of the indoor space, whereas satellite kitchens are an extension of the indoor kitchen. These kitchens are the most common type of luxury items ordered at the moment, as the weather is turning nice enough to cook and dine outside during many parts of the year.

Making the Outdoors the Indoors

As people transition to living outdoors more, they need basic considerations for their own comfort and viability. For example, people needed upgraded shade, privacy, and shelter to truly be comfortable at all times of the day and year while outside.

Some homebuyers are building extra-secluded spaces so they can play and practice in peace, unwatched from nosy neighbors. Others are building shade creating structures so they can work on their laptops and other technology without having to worry about the glare getting into their eyes. There are many items and products which can provide this shade, such as furniture and decorative pieces which are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Bringing the Future Outside

While the outdoors offer a quiet comfort and charm, many homeowners want to bring their technology outside with them. To this effect, many are buying wi-fi boosters, so that they can stream movies, music, and television shows while outside their house.

Many pieces of technology can easily be integrated into the outside space, especially with the proper furniture and a premade plan for the space. Outside spaces can be changed and made more technological without altering the layout or charm of the space. Some homeowners are even going so far as to create outdoor theaters or offices.

Never Go Back In

Finally, some of the most popular products are those which help families stay outside for longer periods of time, enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer. For example, luxury fire pits, misters, and throw blankets are being bought at a rapid rate, because they extend the hours where the outdoors feel comfortable and livable.

One of the most exciting and essential facets of family bonding during the pandemic was a gathering around the fire, roasting marshmallows, telling stories, and getting to know one another in a way impossible without the help of the great outdoors. These items are the final consideration for a family or group of homeowners who want to be outside and stay outside until they’re ready to head back in.