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Exterior Elementz is committed to helping homeowners make the most of their outdoor space. Rather than being confined to an indoor kitchen and dining experience, homeowners can work with Exterior Elementz to craft a unique, extraordinary outdoor cooking experience. All renovations are performed with comfort, efficiency, and elegance in mind, so that our clients can truly indulge in their outdoor space as a source of inspiration, refreshment, and creativity.


Innovative and Comfortable

Exterior Elementz aims to be South Florida's premier source for outdoor renovations focused on excellent culinary experiences. From comfortable patios with built-in grills to full outdoor kitchens, we will provide everything Florida homeowners need to enjoy al fresco cooking and dining. Our innovative designs and custom appliance installations will help home chefs beat the heat of an indoor kitchen — and instead enjoy the fresh air and ambient joy of an outdoor kitchen, grill, and dining setup.


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We truly love helping homeowners unlock their home's full potential, whether that's spending more time in their outdoor space or achieving their dream of having a summer kitchen.


We know that renovations are more than the sum of their parts. Leveraging best design principles and a home's inherent energy, we help outdoor renovations expand homeowners' lifestyles in a natural, beautiful way.


Most kitchens and dining areas are indoors. To create a compelling, efficient cooking and eating space outdoors, we must think outside the box.


Exterior Elementz believes there shouldn't be a harsh line between your indoor and outdoor spaces: both should be equally welcoming and comforting. That's why we aim to seamlessly integrate your outdoor kitchen and dining space with your interior.


We believe that every outdoor space has an untapped potential, so we look for ways to help homeowners achieve their best lifestyle in that space. With essential elements and efficient design, we turn boring backyards into inspiring, creative sanctuaries.

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